Misadventures in babysitting…a cat

Last week I received a text message from a friend. It read: ‘Can I ask you a really big favour?’

Whenever I get a message like this there are two reactions: the first being the dutiful friend who always wants to help someone in need. The other wonders what on earth the favour is – for all I know I could be signing myself up for something terrible.

‘Yeah sure.’ I reply.

A few minutes later she replies asking if I can babysit her cat. She was going to London to see one of her favourite country singers and needed someone to stay the night to look after Meow*. Being a cat person, I jumped at the favour.

‘I’d love to.’

On the evening I packed my overnight bag and took the twenty minute walk to her house. I opened the door and when I found the light switch a pair of eyes glared up at me from my feet.

‘Hello Meow.’ I said.

I called my sister to update her on how my week had been.

‘Is that the cat?’ she said. Meow had been persistently calling to me, apparently that meant she wanted ham from the fridge.

‘Yeah.’ I said. ‘She’s been talking to me all night.’

‘It sounds like someone’s pretending to be a cat – she’s so loud!’ my sister said.

After a small stroll around the kitchen I went back into the bedroom to find Meow attacking a box of mint tea. She had a teabag between her two front paws and began to chew it, leaving a trail of tea on the carpet.

‘Meow, what are you doing?’ I said. When I tried to confiscate the teabag she batted a paw at me and gave what can only be described as an evil cat stare.

When I finally settled down for sleep Meow took it upon herself to sit on my chest. Later she moved onto my pillow, resting inches away from my head. She started to purr. That is where she stayed for the rest of the night. I figured she must have forgiven me for taking away her teabag. It was only moments before my alarm went off that I woke up and saw her move like a shadow from the bed and out of the room. I decided to get up with her and make mint tea.

I was a little sad to leave Meow – she was great company and spent the whole night by my side while I slept, as though she was the one looking after me. After a long day at university I went back to visit Meow for a few hours before my friend came back from London.


*Meow is the cat’s real-life name. The idea was that she could say her own name.

Image courtesy of Pixabay


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